Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eyeko Face Off Wipes

From the web :

Individually wrapped for beauty care on the go. Each sachet contains a pre-moistened soft towelette with an ultra cleansing formula featuring Coco Glucoside (a gentle natural cleanser derived from... you guessed it ...coconuts) and antioxidant Vitamin E. Keep a couple in your pocket, handbag, desk or car - it's the perfect clean up for dirty stop outs!
Pick up a box of 20 today!

Eyeko says: "These cleansing wipes are super soft and just the thing for removing make up in a jiffy EVEN waterproof mascara!"


The packaging is really pretty and hard to resist... It's contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E to soothe and nourish skin too...
The size of the wipes is big enough for whole face, the material of the wipe is thick but i feel it's not moist enough, it can't fully remove my face make up and do very very little to my waterproof mascara... But on non make up day, it did can refreshes skin and wipe off dirts... So i advise you don't count on this to remove make up, it really don't do much for it... For the individually wrapped sachet and pretty packaging, it really convenient can put in bag and on the go, so get this if wanna quick cleanse face for non makeup day...


  1. hehe i haven't opened mine yet :P

  2. same here. felt like so sayang to open it~ :P

  3. I got 6 pcs, so it's ok to open... Lol...


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