Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eyeko Ambassador Passport Pack...

Bright pink envelope with RUDE GIRL sticker at the back...
Once i back from Bangkok, the security guard passed me this, he said it reached few days ago... Which means i got this less than 2 weeks time after i signed up for the Eyeko Ambassador, which i think it's pretty fast...
In the pack contains 1 newsletter, 1 Ambassador Passport and 2 Face Off Cleansing wipes... My Eyeko Ambassador code is E2742, key this code while you check out, you will get a free gift when you shop in Happy Shopping...!!! :)


  1. Owh your might came in same time as mine but mine doesn't have rude girl sticker! dang~

  2. The sticker is doesn't matter, the whole envelope already in the rubbish bin now... Haha...

  3. wow nice... I am waitign for mine. :)

  4. how much does eyeko ambassado passport pack

  5. Where Do You Find The Code ?: )


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