Monday, March 23, 2009

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

This is what i got today from Times bookstores, Pavillion... I passed by the bookstore and saw this book on the rack, i can't resist it since i knew i gonna love it so i bought it... It's my first and ever English novel purchased, as what Elyn is true, everything also got it's first time, i hoped i'll buy more books and read... LoL, it's just not my style, i din read anything other than magazines all these years... Well, at least it's a good start, i hoped i can finished read it and not stopping half way... It's ratailing at RM34.90, good price, i don't know it got 10% discount until i paid it, so, RM31.40 after disc, even better price for a good book...!!!

This is the poster of it's movie i snapped today in the Pavillion's cinema, can see the date it'll be showing??? Yes, 26th March, coming real soon, i can't wait for it!!! But then i'll be in KK that time, hopefully someone will accompany me go watch this movie, i wanna watch it desperately... Hopefully i can finished read the novel in 2 days time then only go watch the movie, so that i can have deeper feelings for it... Oh yeah, i'll be flying to KK early morning tomorrow, and i haven't start packing!!! Oh god, i better do it now or else i'll fall asleep in no time... ;P


  1. Weiiii.....How do you like the book so far...good not ? got tell you where to shop and what to buy yet? *hehehehe*...

  2. So far i read till 90++ pages, it's still talking about her lifestyle and spending habits... Anyhow, i still loving it... *hehe*


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